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We create the draft custom Itinerary. You review it and suggest adjustments for us to incorporate.


We finalize the plan together, and proceed to bookings.


We provide online support during your trip for anything that concerns you!

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Fully customized trip plans.

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Little Travellers' mission is to meet every kind of need.

We go a step further to plan a trip to Europe uniquely. We plan your trip covering Accomodation, Food experiences, Sightseeing, Day trips,Transportation, Local tips, Online Support and much more.

Plan a unique trip.
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Little Travellers focus on your travelling style.

The first question is where are you travelling to. Then it comes to when.

But the key for a reliable European trip planner is the kind of experience you want.

At Little Travellers we care to figure out these issues and “extract” all the things that will make it charming.This is what makes the difference, and provides the finest custom itinerary.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

What is a travel itinerary?

Travel itinerary is the custom trip planning service, made by Little Travellers. Save days and days of research by letting Little Travellers design the finest custom trip for you, based on your interests, travelling style and budget.

Is every trip itinerary really personalised?

100%. From the central Europe to the south, from the major cities to all european destinations, the choices are based on your interests, budget and travelling style. Going one step further, Little Travellers create an itinerary which saves money and waste of time, as every place and activity are harmoniously combined.

What do your plans offer?

We deliver:

  1. Detailed PDF of your trip
  2. Custom travel itinerary via TripIt
  3. Google map lists
  4. Booking documents

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What is included in your custom trip plans?

A travel planner should include in a trip plan all those things that will make your trip unique. At Little Travellers we create holistic custom travelling plans including recommendations and/or bookings for:

1. Acommodation, Food Experiences, Sightseeing, Places you must see

2. Public Transportation, Rent a car, Parking, Emerging moving costs

3. Places you must combine, Guided Tours, Local tips, City relevant apps

4. On trip suppport for everything that concerns you

We provide a custom travel itinerary combining all the places you should visit without spending too much money and time.

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What destinations do you cover?

Little Travellers is a Europe travel planner. We plan a trip to Europe covering all european destinations, building on our many years of experience at creating custom travel itineraries.

I love planning trips myself. Why should I pay you to do it for me?

Most people enjoy the inspirational part of travel, doing destination research and planning trip logistics. But all these can be a difficult headache, especially if something goes wrong, or not as it should have. At Little Travellers we incorporate all your ideas and interests into a custom travel plan that optimises your time and minimises your hassle.

How much does Trip Design cost?

Minimum offer starts from 70,00 Euro and is adjusted depending on your needs and interests.

I know what planning i want. What's next?

  • You place the order
  • We send you the custom offer
  • You share your preferences and interests, on which we start building your trip, though our detailed relevant form
  • You pay 30% in advance via
  • We continue planning and deliver a draft PDF of your plan. You review it and suggest adjustments for us to incorporate
  • You pay the remaining 70% via
  • We prebook all your reservations and email you the detailed cost of the booking. You proceed to payment for the booking stuff
  • We deliver the final PDF, your custom travel itinerary, Google maps lists and booking documents
  • You are ready to go!
  • We provide online help during the trip

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