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Greece: Beyond the Acropolis and the islands

Apart from what is already known, there is another Greece! Discover places and activities you must experience.


Crossing the Enipeas Gorge Prepare to be “filled” with images that will… blow your mind and soul away. Small and larger waterfalls, crystal clear water ponds, wooden bridges, historical religious treasures, paths under the shade of huge trees and an enchanting natural landscape will turn your journey through the Enipeas Gorge into a unique journey in the “kingdom” of nature!

enipeas waterfall
Enipeas waterfall

Mount Olympus, the mountain of the 12 gods, of endless legends and myths, with its unparalleled glamour and endless charm, promises great emotions and endless stories, lost in the depths of centuries and rooted in antiquity.


In the south of Karpenisi, between the mountains Kaliakouda and Platanaki, Panda Vrechi is a rare gem of the Eurythan nature. It is located in the magnificent gorge of Krikellopotamos (or Krikelliotis) and is the most famous – and narrowest – part of it.

Panta vrechi
"Panta vrechi"

The walk takes place on the white-white pebbles of the bed with the brown-green, clear waters. Soon the river plunges into the narrow canyon and in many places you will have to get halfway into the water. On the vertical banks of the canyon rise rocks with ash and crimson belts, while the steep mountain slopes higher up create narrow passages with little light and evocative views. Soon the light diminishes further, small waterfalls cascade down the northern slopes, and shortly afterwards what they call Always Rain appears: a cluster of small waterfalls cascading over caves and domes in vines, wet plants and moss that drip continuously.


Lake Plastira is one of the most popular mountainous destinations of the country offering magnificent views of an unparalleled landscape of natural beauty, traditional and hospitable villages around the shores of the lake, all harmoniously combined to offer wonderful moments of relaxation to visitors who will prefer to visit it.

Water bikes in Lake Plastira

Water bikes can be ridden by almost any age, as they are easy to learn, and offer a peaceful way to enjoy the lake without a motor disturbing the peace and quiet. During the day you can hire them and go wherever you want or take part in an organised excursion.


The so-called swimming pools are actually cavities in the limestone rocks which were created by the waters of the Rogovou stream and their movement.

Kolymbithres, Papigo

The stream actually forms natural pools that in the summer months are ideal even for diving. This particular stream originates from the western peak of Tymfi, namely Lapatos, and runs between the two villages, Mikro and Megalo Papigo. There, between these two beautiful and picturesque villages are the swimming beaches and the landscape is enchanting all year round as nature is in full bloom and the colours captivate the visitor.


Through the sights of Delphi you will experience the harmony that binds people and gods. The grandeur and serenity of the Delphic landscape cannot be captured in photographs. The emotions that the sacred space generates cannot be described in words.


The eagles sent by Zeus to indicate the “navel of the earth” met at Delphi. It was in this corner of Central Greece that the god Apollo founded his sanctuary, killing the dragon Python. Here was the most famous oracle of ancient Greece. The Delphic landscape, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1972.


The Samaria Gorge is the longest in Europe and one of the most important tourist attractions of the island and is located in the southwest of Crete in the prefecture of Chania. The locals call it “Faranga” which means “Big Gorge” and was created by a small river that runs between the White Mountains and Mount Volakia.

Samaria Gorge
Samaria Gorge

The Samaria Gorge is a fragile ecosystem of outstanding natural beauty with rich and rare flora – about 450 species of plants – and fauna that have survived in the area and are protected by international law.


In spring you will see them courting, in August they will raise their young and in September they will start their migrations. Lesvos is inhabited and visited by more than 300 species of birds.

Birdwatching Lesvos
Birdwatching in Lesvos island

Lesvos offers some of the best birds in the Mediterranean basin. For four weeks each spring birdwatchers from all over Europe converge on this outpost of Europe. The birds are a mix of Mediterranean breeding species, migrants crossing over to breed in eastern Europe and Asia Minor species such as the Krüper’s nuthatch.

"Odontotos" rack railway

The tranquil seaside landscape of Diakoftos does not at all predispose you to the unforgettable images that you will enjoy from the tough little train as it climbs, panting, the rocks of the Vouraikos gorge to ascend to Zachlorou and Kalavryta. The little adventure of the cog railway that has insisted for 126 years to connect Diakofto with Kalavryta is fascinating!

Odontotos railway

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