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Vienna: what you can’t miss!

A journey like a fairy tale!

Beautiful, glamorous and highly erotic, she seduces her visitors at first sight! Identified with its glorious past and culture as well as its modern museums and flavours, this city never ceases to amaze visitors. Vienna's "main" attractions are many so get ready for a lot of walking.


Belvedere Vienna

Both the museum (which includes the famous Belvedere kiss) and the gardens are a wonderful sight to behold. If you find yourself in Vienna make the effort to stop by and you won’t be disappointed.

Schönbrunn Palace & Schönbrunn Zoo


At Schönbrunn you’ll probably have to eat most of the day. It’s a huge place, huge gardens and the zoo is also very large. But no matter how tired you get, the view will reward you.

Cruise on the Danube

A cruise on the Danube Canal that runs through the historic centre of Vienna will reveal all the beauties of the city that give it that chic style, while the canal walls covered in elaborate graffiti (it’s Vienna’s only legal graffiti zone) give it a more youthful feel.

Danube Tower

The Danube Tower is the tallest tower in Austria (826 feet high) from which you can admire the entire city. You can visit it in the morning or at night depending on whether the city looks more beautiful in the morning or if you want to admire it by its lights.

Hofburg Imperial Palace

hofburg palace

The Hofburg Imperial Palace is also known as the palace of Princess Sissy. It is a beautiful palace which when you see both the exterior and the interior of the palace you feel like you are stepping back in time, if only for a moment.

Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel

Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel

A major attraction in Vienna is the huge Ferris wheel as soon as you enter the Prater Park. It offers a great view of the city whether you visit in the morning or at night. Usually, it is crowded so it is advisable not to visit it during rush hours.

St. Stephen's Cathedral - Stephansplatz

St. Stephen's Cathedral

It’s so central and so huge, you won’t miss it. In the center of the shopping pedestrian streets, where the horse-drawn carriages stop, where so many picturesque alleys full of traditional taverns start, there dominates this impressive temple, even more impressive inside!

Dinner in a traditional Austrian tavern

traditional Austrian tavern

Austrian food is not just schnitzel! They have some incredible soups, perfect if you go in winter, they make their own goulash and their wines are amazing.

Excursion to Salzburg!

Salzburg is a lovely place and an easy day trip from Vienna. Not overly large (it has less than a tenth of the population of Vienna), you can see a surprisingly large amount of it in a few hours!

Excursion to Hallstatt!


It’s more magical than it looks in the photos! It is tiny, picturesque, on the lake, while the high, impressive and magnificent Alps rise around it. The train from Vienna leaves you across the street and you have to wait for the boat to take you to the village!

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