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17 + 2 must-see beaches on the Ionian Sea!

In the turquoise waters of the Ionian Sea, its islands welcome you to paradise.

Ionian Sea, a set of fairytale and dazzling islands scattered in the Ionian Sea. In this cluster of islands endowed with natural beauty, the idyllic, green landscapes, the endless golden sandy beaches, the crystal clear waters caressing the enigmatic caves, the mild climate and the hospitable atmosphere created by the friendly inhabitants will fascinate you. Kefalonia, Corfu, Zakynthos, Lefkada, Ithaca, Paxos. All the Ionian Islands are wonderful. Award-winning and famous around the world, the exotic beaches of the Ionian Sea will enchant you. Exotic beaches with white sand and turquoise waters.



Navagio deservedly claims a place in the world pantheon of cliché photographs. Its waters, however, are a beautiful turquoise, its sand is white, and the imposing cliffs that tower above it make the landscape eerie. An atmosphere enhanced by the carcass of a ship carrying contraband cigarettes that sank here in 1983, giving the beach its name. The boat that will bring you here from Agios Nikolaos Volimon or Porto Vromi will let you, if you wish, dive into the turquoise waters and swim out to the beach for an extra sense of… shipwreck.

Porto Limnionas

One of the most special places for diving and relaxation is Porto Limnionas near Koilimenos of Zakynthos. It is a seaside rocky place famous for its beautiful blue waters and the landscape which is magical, combining sea, sky and land in an impressive way. Also the many caves at the site offer a kind of exploration to swimmers who can swim to the bottom and enjoy a wonderful underwater scenery.


Mizithres, the small and the big one, are actually two conical, tall and white rocks, located just below the lighthouse of Keri. They take their name from the local cheese produced on the island, Mizithra, which as we all know is off-white.

The view is breathtaking as the rocks spring up after the cliff, one next to the other, creating a magnificent landscape. The crystal clear turquoise waters combined with the caves of Keri and the steep mountainsides, make up an imposing landscape that no one will ever forget.

Here you need to be very careful because strong currents prevail, while in a short distance from Mizithres there is the deepest point of the Mediterranean, the “Well of Oinos” with a depth of 4500 meters. Here you can only reach it by boat or inflatable boat, as it is one of the beaches that you cannot reach. But it’s worth it once you face this beach whose view alone will take your breath away.



Perhaps the most recognizable image of Kefalonia, Myrtos is both serene, thanks to the white pebbles and the impressive turquoise of its waters, and wild, because of the steep cliffs that plunge directly into its waters, to the right and left of the beach.

The green covering its rocks, which reaches almost to the waves, combined with the blue immensity that stretches out before it, make for an idyllic landscape. It goes without saying that you will stay late to watch the sun plunge into the sea, in one of the most spectacular sunsets of the Ionian Sea.


Its distant photographs will surely remind you of something: many scenes from the Hollywood film Captain Corelli’s Mandolin were shot here. And not without reason.

Kefalonia’s impressive antistar beach is adorned with large, round pebbles, and is surrounded by lush green hills that end in its beautifully clear waters. Bring your mask and snorkel to enjoy its spectacular seabed. At one point, the white pebbles create a steep gorge, beneath which stretches the absolute, endless blue.



Blue-green waters, fine pebbles, green nature! Petani is definitely one of the best beaches in Kefalonia, many even compare it to Myrtos!

Approaching by car, suddenly the road goes downhill and you find yourself driving between steep cliffs. Until, the landscape opens up and you can see the beach of Petana from above, a moment worth stopping and taking a photo! From this point you will admire all the colours of the sea: from light blue and turquoise to deep blue.



Gidaki is considered by many to be the most beautiful beach of Ithaca. It is accessible either by the boats that depart daily from the square in Vathi, or through the path that passes by the equally remarkable beach of Skinos. You’ll see it on many lists of the best beaches in Greece, quite rightly so. The waters here are clear and crystal clear, the coast is pebbly (the pebbles get finer towards the eastern side), the bay is open and the whole Ionian Sea – along with the islet of Atokos – stretches out in front of you.


It is located almost 3 kilometres from the capital, Vathi, and you can normally reach it by car, then walk along a very short dirt road.

Its peculiarity – apart from the once again perfect waters – is that the dense vegetation (pine trees, cypresses and even palm trees) literally reaches the shore, so you can enjoy the shade, in addition to the wonderful scenery it creates.


Porto Katsiki

It is one of the most impressive beaches of the island and its photos have been published in magazines and newspapers around the world. Porto Katsiki beach is located near the village of Athani and about 40 km from the town of Lefkada. Every visit to the island requires a visit to this unique beach, even in periods that are not suitable for swimming.

You can reach this beach by car and after leaving your car, you can descend the steps leading to the beach which is located under the steep cliff. Another way is by the excursion boats that start from either Vasiliki or Nidri. The beach stands out for the steep cliffs that surround it but also for its white sandy beach with its crystal clear turquoise waters.

Kathisma Beach

In the northwestern part of the island of Lefkada, there is Kathisma beach, near the village of Agios Nikitas. The road leading to the beach is asphalted, and in recent years there has been a rapid increase in tourist facilities in the area. It owes its name to the two steep cliffs to the left and right of the long sandy beach, which make it look like a seat. It has fine pebbles, coarse sand and the water deepens steeply. The waters play with the sun’s rays giving unique colors from turquoise to light blue.

The large width of the beach gives the visitor the opportunity to isolate himself in a secluded corner that can easily be found in one of the extreme points of the beach. Several times you will encounter large waves – especially in the afternoons – so it is imperative to be particularly careful. There are several restaurants, cafes and umbrellas with sunbeds.

Egremni Beach

It is among the most beautiful Greek beaches and not without reason! It has fanatical supporters and there are many who consider it much more beautiful than Porto Katsiki. The beach of Egremna, located 30 km south of the capital of Lefkada, is characterized by its long sandy beach, its clear waters and the vertical rocks that define the beach. Access to the beach is achieved either by descending 250 steps or by the excursion boats from Nydri and Vasiliki.



An enchanting beach that literally “takes your breath away”. The vertical rock limits its width so much that when there is a wave the water can cover most if not all of its width. Going down the several steps leading to the beach you want to dive into the crystal clear and generally clean waters. The few umbrellas with sunbeds will give you the shade you will so need on hot summer days. Watch your belongings when you see a boat passing by, as it will follow a wave on the already narrow beach and may get your clothes wet.


Perhaps the most impressive beach of Corfu is a golden sandy beach that stretches for kilometres, forming exotic dunes.

Its waters may not have the fairy-tale turquoise hue of the rest of the Ionian Sea, but they are crystal clear and deep blue. The cedar forest that separates it from the wetland of Lake Korissia gives it the wonderful, deep green frame that we once loved on the beach of Kaiafa.


The locals call it “Canal d’amour”, the canal of love. There could not be a more fitting name for this small, romantic creek, whose lily-like sandy beach is hugged by two rocks that extend a long way into the water, creating the canal.
The sandy rocks that rise up through the deeper sea are carved by the water into strange formations, and an underground pathway forms between them, which can be walked along. You’ll need a mask here too, to explore the sea caves that form under the rocks.



A breathtaking beach created by the power of nature only in 2008. On the west side of the island, embraced by imposing cliffs, pebbles and deep blue, sulphurous waters, the beach offers a stunning view of the sunset. It is accessible on foot but with a 10-minute descent and unorganized, as it is the most secluded beach on the island.



A lovely, small beach in the east of the island, on the road from Gaios to Mogonisi. It is accessible via a small narrow path surrounded by bushes. The water is deep blue, there are some rocks for sunbathing and the beach is unorganized.



Voutoumi, one of the few beaches on the island, has won the hearts of many people, who have either had the opportunity to swim in its crystal clear turquoise waters, or have fallen in love with it just from a photo without even knowing where it is, and it deservedly receives all these descriptions.

The combination of the colours of the water with the pale sand and the white pebbles, creates the illusion from above that everything is floating on the bottom, while it looks like a wonderful painting that its creator created with great love and passion.


Bella Vraka

The beach with the strange name is one of the most famous beaches in Sivota. It is located on the island of Mourtemeno and has white pebbles and coarse sand, turquoise waters and greenery all around. It is of unique beauty and is a special experience. You literally walk through the water to reach the small beach opposite and enjoy the exotic scenery.

Access is by boat or from the sea on foot, as the water is very shallow. It is not organized and at peak times it is very crowded. It is advisable to have the essentials with you, such as an umbrella, a mat and supplies such as water, coffee and snacks.

Pisina Beach

Pisina (The Pool) is a name and a thing! Its enchanting turquoise waters, around the lush green island of Mourtos, which is also located opposite Sivota, are reminiscent of an exotic beach scene. Access here is possible by boat or caique. A paradise on earth that will give you unique images of unparalleled beauty and pleasure.

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