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Sample Trip Plan

Introducing a new way of travel: All in a smartphone!

Let your phone guide you everywhere! Hotels, restaurants, monuments, the whole itinerary, maps, navigator, travel documents, notes for every trip event, covid rules and much more are in your phone. Every event is in there, accompanied by how to get around, what time you’ll arrive and attached booking documents.

The Planning Procedure.

1. We take all your input.
We start by exploring your interests and preferences, and take all your thoughts and input for this trip.
2. We design the recommended Trip Structure.
We design it to make the most of your time. It includes the perfect route, towns, villages, days per place and transportation.
3. We design the Draft Itinerary.
We design the plan including all your ideas. You review it, we discuss and adjust it if needed.
4. We concentrate all the detailed costs.
We concentrate all the costs of hotels, activities, visits, transfers, tours, etc.
5. We prepare all your deliverables.
A detailed PDF, an Overview PDF, a mobile dynamic itinerary, useful guides, Google Map lists and all your booking documents.
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What We Deliver.

A detailed PDF of the trip

In this PDF you will find everything you need for the trip. Trip details, trip events, flights, hotels, transportation, car rental, restaurants, sightseeing, local tips and more.

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sample travel plan

A mobile Itinerary in your Smartphone

All your travel plan in one place! The whole trip is built in here: Mobile itinerary, maps, navigator, travel documents, notes for every trip event, covid rules and more. Explore it!

Google maps lists for all trip events

Are you a frequent user of google maps? These lists contain all the events of the trip, which you can easily navigate to via google maps.

All Booking Documents

All your bookings in one place in order to easily manage all your checkins.

This is just a sample plan, made by Little Travellers in cooperation with a happy client.

Personal travel planning is a process that requires cooperation and deep understanding of needs and motivation.