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As a Travel planner should, we follow the policy of not promoting or dealing with any of our recommendations, in order to provide the greatest results.

Services: How we plan a customized trip to Europe.

Our european trip planning covers a wide range of options, including accommodation, attractions, museums, unique activities, restaurants and bars, car hire, day trips to nearby destinations, local tips and much more.

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We provide the best value for money hotels and Airbnb places, according to your input and our research.  Accommodation should be relevant to your itinerary and suitable to the places you will visit.

Want to avoid the touristic uncertain quality restaurants? We choose authentic food experiences, most of the times hidden from the crowd, in order to discover the local favorite dishes and drinks.

We provide the most interesting masterpieces. Suggested attractions may vary depending on the style you choose.

There are always attractions and things to do which are not included in sightseeing. We provide the best activities that will turn to memories.


Even if you rent a car, public transportation will always be useful. We provide all the suitable routes, alternatives, conditions and advices for your movement.

Car rental differs from country to country, so you have to be well prepared. Our research offers the best providers, taking into account the required credit guarantees and financial payment facilities.

The parking issue comes together with car rental, and may burden your budget a lot. Caring for your pocket and calmness, we research for the best value for money and safe parking centers.

Transportation may reveal hidden and unplanned costs. We provide you with all the information you need, such as the costs of tolls, tickets, fuel, travelling to a neighbouring country and more.


There are some excursions you should not miss! Taking your preferences into account, we provide you with towns, villages and attractions that are worth seeing and that blend in harmoniously with your destination.

We offer you the best guided tours you should try, from museums to full-day guided tours to monuments outside the city.

The difference in customs and culture from country to country, or even city to city, is an important element you will encounter on your trip. We research and offer you all those tips you need to know about your destination.

Technology today, among other things, can make your holiday easier! We find the best local apps that will add value to your trip.

On Trip Support

There will always appear adjustments, questions, dilemmas and decisions to be made, even in a well-organized trip. We repay your loyalty by providing online support to whatever arises. Don’t hesitate to contact us for anything that will come up, we will be there for an answer!

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100%. The choices are based on your interests, budget and travelling style. Going one step further, Little Travellers create an itinerary which saves money and waste of time, as every place and activity are harmoniously combined.

It depends on your needs and interests. You choose what you need, we make the appropriate offer and plan a fully custom trip.

Most people enjoy the inspirational part of travel, doing destination research and planning trip logistics. But sometimes it can be a real headache, especially if something goes wrong, or not as it should have. At Little Travellers we incorporate all your ideas and interests into a custom travel plan that optimises your time and minimises your hassle.

Little Travellers is a Europe travel planner. We plan your trip all around Europe, building on our many years of experience at creating custom travel itineraries.

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Custom travel planning

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