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Europe vacation on your needs.

We design Europe vacation packages based on your needs and interests.

Are you travelling for the attractions, the local culture and food? Or to relax and improve your wellness? A little bit of both? Looking for a road trip planner? Is this a family vacation? These should be the first questions for a trip planner to ask.

Vacation focus primarily on self-care and recovering from day-to-day grind, while a trip is about the experience of a new culture.

The key for a custom travel planner is the kind of experience you want.

There we come! Starting form the travelling style, we care to figure out these issues, “extract” all the things that we need to trip it, and focus on creating your personal travel itinerary.

Let us plan your Europe vacation packages, based on your travelling style.

Family Vacation!

Family vacation is not an easy challenge, especially abroad. Looking for the best bucket list for family? Besides the mental recharge a custom trip can offer, it should exceed your children’s widest imagination too. We take care of these issues, and emphasize on things and places that combine happiness for both of you! After all, having kids is a reason to travel, never a reason to stop.

Sightseeing Lovers!

Addicted to Masterpieces? We assure that you won’t miss any! If you identify yourself in this travelling style, custom travel planning will be adjusted in this condition. Captivating sights make everlasting memories! Keep your legs strong, there are many out there!


Are you the guy who does not hesitate to taste everything? A Foodie cannot miss any real gastronomic experience. In this case, our custom travel itinerary will emphasize on places where you will meet the local cuisine, plates, desserts and drinks. You will give your taste buds a treat!


Want to relax and enjoy restfull and luxury moments?  In this case, as a holiday planner we will focus on places you have to see, avoiding too much walking around. This travelling style refers to those who need restness and a feel of “bed of roses”.

Sports tourist

Sports Tourist!

Thinking of combining sports activities with a holiday? If so, you are in the right place! Whether you want to attend or participate, leave it up to us. We plan your trip including your favorite hobby!

Business Traveller!

Last-minute business trip? Calm down, we will plan everything you need! Combine the business part of the trip with vacation and relaxation. Discover your destination in a relaxed and creative way, without missing a moment from your work.

Business Traveller

The challenge of hiring a planner.

Wondering what is a personal travel planner or who is the best?

Personal travel planning is a process that requires cooperation and deep understanding of needs and motivation.

Τhe best travel planner is the one who will take full advantage of all this information to create the finest custom travel plan and  custom travel itinerary.

Choose Little Travellers to plan your trip!

Trip planner

Frequently Asked Questions.

Why do you categorize travelling styles this way?

Even the same destination can be  different for each traveller. According to our experience, these 6 styles meet the majority of needs, and offer a unique journey.

I have a dilemma between two travelling styles. Why should i choose one?

Picking a travelling style is just the start of our cooperation. By sharing your ideas, interests and needs we will create a travel plan and an itinerary which may combine more styles than one.

Is every trip plan really personalised?

100%. The choices are based on your interests, budget and travelling style. Going one step further, Little Travellers create an itinerary which saves money and waste of time, as every place and activity are harmoniously combined.

I love planning trips myself. Why should I pay you to do it for me?

Most people enjoy the inspirational part of travel, doing destination research and planning trip logistics. But all these can be a difficult headache, especially if something goes wrong, or not as it should have. At Little Travellers we incorporate all your ideas and interests into a custom travel plan that optimises your time and minimises your hassle.

What destinations do you cover?

Little Travellers is a Europe travel planner. We plan your trip all around Europe, building on our many years of experience at creating custom travel itineraries.

What do your plans offer?

We deliver:

  1. Detailed PDF of your trip
  2. Custom travel itinerary via TripIt
  3. Google map lists
  4. Booking documents

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What is included in your custom trip plans?

A travel planner should include in a trip plan all those things that will make your trip unique. At Little Travellers we create  holistic custom travelling trip plans including recommendations and/or bookings for:

1. Acommodation, Food Experiences, Sightseeing, Places you must see

2. Public Transportation, Rent a car, Parking, Movement considering costs

3. Places you must combine, Guided Tours, Local tips, City relevant apps

4. On trip suppport for everything that considers you

We provide a custom travel itinerary combining all the places you should visit without spending unaffordable money and time.

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